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A Complete Turkey Dinner

Roasting a Whole Turky with Recipe Ideas for a Complete Turkey Dinner

Supervalu Own Brands believes Quality Always Matters when entertaining family and friends. So we have put together a delicious turkey dinner menu using an array of Own Brand products in do ahead recipes for the holiday season.

Use all the recipes or mix and match with your own favorite recipes. We hope you enjoy these recipes and the holiday season!
Try these tasty Store Brands products for ready-to-serve simplicity to add to the recipes above:
  • Frozen Hot Chicken Wings, bake and serve
  • Frozen Shrimp Ring with Cocktail Sauce, thaw and serve
  • Pizza Bites, bake and serve
  • Super Chill Sodas and Mixers, chill and/or mix and serve
  • Mixed Nuts
  • Cheese & Crackers
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